What is “Deep Dives and Tangents”?

“Deep Dives….” is a non-periodic publication which will take a closer and in-depth look at the trends in business, markets, geopolitics, latest trends and so forth. Rest assured that I will make a yeoman effort to justify where I’m going with the analysis (hence the tangent”). “Deep” isn’t always downwards (but it usually is).

Specifically, “Deep Dives” will either take apart a subject matter of interest or offer context for the same. When it comes to Emerging Markets (i.e. China, India, et al), there will be substantially greater nuance than what has been offered to the greater public by the larger media complex. On the other hand, an article about, say, the band Big Country isn’t completely out of the picture. In such an event, the article’s title will be prefaced by the keyword: “Sidebar”.

Given that I also publish regularly on SeekingAlpha, articles that aren’t expected to meet their specific editorial guidelines - that requires an explicit “investment theme”, among other considerations - would be published here in greater detail.

Sandeep Rao

Sandeep has worked in many different fields: after graduating as an engineer, he started out by writing about the arts before getting an M.S. in Finance from Illinois Tech and then going on to clerk in the pits of the CBOT; building algorithmic trading strategies; as well as consulting major players and governments on the feasibility of ports, highways, railroads and shipping lines in Asia and Africa. He has also spent a number of years working for the likes of Barclays Capital and Nasdaq. In the midst of all that, he picked up an M.B.A. from Illinois Tech as well.

Sandeep is also slightly troubled by the fact that writing about himself in the third person came so naturally to him. Here’s his LinkedIn.


Sandeep Rao
I'm a researcher, a seasoned financial markets professional and an eternal philomath.